Where to find Prized Mushrooms in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Find these mushrooms at specific locations.

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Prized Mushrooms are an excellent resource in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. You can find them and bring them back to Elgado Outpost to use in several crafting projects. Having a handful of them in your inventory box is never a bad idea. This guide details where you need to go to find Prized Mushrooms in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

How to get Prized Mushrooms

You can primarily find Prized Mushrooms while searching in the Jungle. You will unlock this location when you gain access to the Sunbreak expansion and embark to this location in Master Rank quests. Although it’s the first location, you start at in Sunbreak, more dangerous monsters begin to make their way over to this region that you want to watch out for while exploring.

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The Prized Mushrooms you need to find will be at the Mushroom Colony deposits. You can find those by bringing up your map after exploring the entire area and searching for Special Items. Most of the Mushroom Colonies will be on the top level of the Jungle, forcing you to use your Wirebug to reach these locations.


These are all the Prized Mushroom locations you can find while in the Jungle.

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You can choose to visit these locations yourself to grab as many as you need during a Master Rank expedition. You also have the option to send your buddies out on missions to this area to gather them up for you. It’s a good, passive way to earn this resource, so long as Mushrooms are available as one of the resources, and you do it on Master Rank. Unfortunately, it does take longer than doing it yourself.