Where To Find Quadcrashers in Fortnite OG

Quads are back in style. Uncover every Quadcrasher spawn location in Fortnite OG Week 2.

How to Get Quadcrashers in Fortnite OG

Image by Gamepur

Week 2 of Fortnite unvaults one of the game’s most beloved OG vehicles. The days of flying across the map on our quads are gone, but that doesn’t mean Quadcrashers aren’t one of the best vehicles currently available in Fortnite OG. 

Fortnite OG brings back everyone’s favorite four-wheeled vehicles. Last week, I had a taste of the Shopping Cart and All Terrain Kart stunts. While it’s nice to go down on a nostalgia trip and ride these vehicles again, they’re just not the best for traversal. I mean, after getting to ride the Baller, there are very few things that satisfy my vehicle itch. The Quadcrashers having a comeback in Fortnite OG is one of those things. Still, with their limited spawn locations, these quads had me scouring every corner of the map to find them.

All Quadcrasher Spawn Locations in Fortnite OG Week 2

Quadcrasher Locations Fortnite OG
Image by Gamepur

Here’s a full list of all Quadcrasher Spawn locations in Fortnite OG: Haunted Hills, Tomato Temple, Lonely Lodge, and Paradise Palms. You can check out the spot’s location on the map above. If you don’t feel like heading to the outskirts of the map for a Quadcrasher, you can always eliminate a player riding one and snag it for yourself.

If I’m looking for a ride, I’ll usually get the Quadcrasher at Haunted Hills. It’s pretty close to one of my go-to landing spots for Fortnite OG: Pleasant Park.

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Be warned, though, that the Quadcrasher doesn’t fly in Fortnite OG like it used to in its original form. If you’re looking for a more versatile vehicle, try Fortnite OG’s Driftboard, which works with the recently added Grapple Glove. Nothing beats drifting through the hills of the OG Fortnite map and grappling trees for an extra speed boost.