All Confirmed Weapons, Items, & Vehicles For Fortnite OG Season

Fortnite’s OG Map update will have several returning weapons and items making a comeback, and this guide covers them all.

fortnite og map returning weapons vehicles items

Fortnite is bringing back a large amount of content from Chapter 1 during the Fortnite OG Map release, set to kick off in November 2023. The OG Map update also features multiple returning weapons and items that haven’t been around since Fortnite introduced Chapters.

These items will appear throughout the Fortnite map that players can pick up and use again during the limited event. Many of these items might look similar to some that are currently in the game, but it’s a huge rebound to the foundations that created the current scene of Fortnite. Here’s what we know about all returning weapons and items coming to the Fortnite OG Map update.

Every Fortnite OG Map Returning Weapon & Item

So far, there have been several images, and a teaser trailer has been shared by the Fortnite team on their Twitter page that have been broadcast to the community as a way of hinting at what’s releasing for Fortnite’s OG Map update. The cracked images don’t provide a full picture yet, but as we draw closer to the official release date, November 3, 2023, we can expect all the details to pour out, similar to the many cosmetics and skins we see in these teasers.

Here’s what we know about what items and weapons are returning with the Fortnite OG Map Update. These details have been shared by the Fortnite Twitter page and the various community members who are keeping tabs on this information.

Below is a list of all returning items, weapons, & vehicles in Fortnite OG:

Returning Fortnite OG Weapons

  • OG Assault Rifle
  • SCAR
  • LMG
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Tac Shotgun
  • Rocket Launcher
  • AK-47
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Hand Cannon
  • Quad Launcher

Returning Fortnite OG Items

  • Chug Splashes
  • Spike Traps
  • Supply Drops
  • Jetpacks

Returning Fortnite OG Vehicles

  • Ballers
  • Planes
  • Shopping Carts
  • Hoverboards
  • ATKs

These are many of the popular items that we can expect to see when Fortnite’s OG Map update arrives. We’re also expecting a large live event to happen in Fortnite leading up to this, with many players theorizing that there’s to be a time machine involved that reverts the entire map to what it was for Chapter 1.

For now, we’re still gathering information. We’ll be regularly updating this page as we gather more information from the official Fortnite Twitter page, and listen to sources that are keenly involved in going through the Fortnite code on the night the game goes into maintenance, leading up to the Fortnite OG Map update, kicking off Season 4, Chapter 5.