Where to find Tiger Mosquitoes in Grounded

They prowl from the sky.

Screenshot by Gamepur via Xbox YouTube

Because the Grounded developers Obsidian Entertainment thought you didn’t have enough to contend with in the first place, they are constantly adding new bugs in the backyard. One of the more annoying enemies you will have to deal with are the mosquitoes. These flying blood-suckers can be a menace for new players, and now, with the game’s 1.0 release, there’s a new variant of the creature in Tiger Mosquitoes. Here is where you can find Tiger Mosquitoes and what you need to know about them in Grounded.

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Tiger Mosquitoes location in Grounded

Tiger Mosquitoes can be found around the Castle Moldorc Playset and near the Lawnmower. For both, you will need to reach the upper parts of the backyard that are located to the far east and northeast portions of the backyard. They are the most abundant in the orc castle area, though. They will be flying all over the area.

Screenshot by Gamepur
Screenshot by Gamepur

When you encounter a Tiger Mosquito, it will behave similarly to the regular ones you have run into a time or two before. They zip around the sky and try to strike you while flying, and because of this, attacking them with melee weapons can be difficult. Instead, you will want to have plenty of Arrows for your Crossbow and an accurate shot. They can be pretty fast, but you have definitely gotten used to fighting their weaker counterparts.

Tiger Mosquitoes are stronger and more deadly than normal Mosquitoes. When they attack you, they can life steal some of your health and replenish their health. When you defeat them, you can get a Tiger Mosquito Beak. Using two of them, four Rust and four Mosquito Blood Sacks, will allow you to make a tier three weapon in the Tiger Mosquito Rapier. Anyone who uses the Mosquito Needle will enjoy the boost in damage, stunning, and speed stats.