Where to find Shadow Ollie in Weeping Woods in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

It’s cute.


If you want to get the Shadow Skye style, you will need to complete 18 of Skye’s Adventure challenges to get access to her secret mission. This mission will give you the choice to find a Ghost or Shadow Ollie. You will also need to be Level 80 in your Battle Pass, both to get access to the mission and actually to complete it. To find the Shadow Ollie, you will need to head to Weeping Woods.

A crucial point here is that Shadow Ollie will only appear for you if you are wearing the Skye skin, so make sure you equip that before you load into the game.

Shadow Ollie will appear near the front entrance of the restaurant that you can find in Weeping Woods. The exact location is marked on the map below.

Shadow Ollie Locations

If you would prefer some video help, Youtuber Wolker4 has a very useful video that we have embedded below. As soon as you arrive in the area, Shadow Ollie should appear for you.

Run up and hit the prompted button to wear Shadow Ollie, and you will instantly change into the Shadow style for the Skye skin. After that, finish up the match as normal, and when you finish, the Shadow style will be added to your collection.

Find SHADOW Ollie in Weeping Woods – How to unlock SHADOW Skye – Fortnite

Find SHADOW Ollie in Weeping Woods – How to unlock SHADOW Skye – Fortnite (Skyes Adventure Final Challenge) This video will show you how to unlock SHADOW Sky…

It will be Midas’ challenges starting next week that we will be trying to complete, and we will get 20 new challenges over two weeks, just like all the other Agents. We are also slowly approaching the end of the season, which is due to happen at the end of April.

At the moment, nobody knows if next season will still be about the Ghost versus Shadow theme, or if that will all wrap up this season. Will we end up getting more Agents next season? We certainly hope so, as all the different styles and Agent skins have been a lot of fun to collect.