Where to find Snowmando (#41) in Fortnite – all locations

He’s a cold one.


Note: If you are here looking for Snowmando Outposts, this guide will show you where to find them.

Fortnite’s 15.10 update has introduced one more NPC character to the game, bringing the total to 41. If you want to keep your collection completed, in this guide we will show you where to find him.

Snowmando only spawns in one location, which is nice as there is no need to spend a long time hunting him down. You can find him in the snowy hills to the south of Catty Corner, patrolling the area near the icecream van.

Snowmando doesn’t appear to give out any bounties, but he will sel the Big Chill Exotic weapon. This will cost 1455 Gold, making it the most expensive Exotic in the game. The Big Chill will fire exploding snowball, akin to a Grenade Launcher, but we haven’t had time to test it out in the game yet.

Snowmando appears to have arrived in the game for the festive season, although there are still no details about when Winterfest might begin. You can expect news about Fortnite’s traditional winter event to appear over the coming days, however.

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