Where to find sulphur ore in V Rising

What’s that explosive smell?

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Once you start to expand the production capabilities of your castle in V Rising, with stations like a Sawmill and a Tannery, further upgrades will start to require more specialized materials than the basics you can find in abundance near the starting area. One such material, which can be tricky to find, is sulphur ore.

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Whenever you’re traveling through Farbane Woods, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for any rare resources you’re lucky enough to come across. To find sulphur, look for mining nodes with a pale yellow hue to them, as shown above. To mine it, you can hit the node with any type of weapon, although maces do bonus damage while mining, meaning you’ll work more quickly if you take a blunt approach. You’ll also need your weapon upgraded to at least the reinforced bone version.

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Best sulphur farming location

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Although you can find the occasional sulphur ore node around the world, much like copper, you’re better off mining it from a location where you can find it in larger volume. In this case, try the appropriately-named Bandit Sulphur Quarry, shown above, on the western edge of Farbane Woods.

Before heading to the quarry, however, you should make sure you’re prepared to deal with the enemies in the area, like the dangerous bombers. We’d recommend getting to around Gear Score of 32 to match at least the highest level enemies you’re likely to find in the area.

Uses for sulphur ore

The most immediate use for sulphur ore is to use it to craft explosives, which are particularly useful for gathering ore from larger nodes, which can’t be mined with weapons alone. To craft explosives, you’ll need to use an Alchemy Table, which you can unlock by hunting Clive the Fire Starter and taking his V Blood.