Where to find tents in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Store weapons and regain health fast.

Image via Epic Games

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Tents may not be a flashy item to use in Fortnite, but if used correctly, they can help lead you to numerous wins in a single sitting. This is because it allows players to heal automatically and store any weapon inside of it for use in later matches. As convenient as these abilities are, tents have become fairly rare to come by since their debut at the start of Chapter 3. Here’s where you can find tents in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

Tent locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Although they cannot be discovered from chests, you find and pick up tents as ground loot throughout the entire map. This means the item does spawn at random, but there are some major POIs that already have pitched tents within them. For instance, players can run into built tents on top of Titled Towers’ roofs or inside of the homes at Coney Crossroads. The item is also common at the peaks of mountaintops, such as those north of Logjam Lotus and southeast of Rocky Reels (as marked below).

Screenshot by Gamepur

These pre-pitched tents can also be moved. By interacting with the item, you can place it into your inventory and then drop it at almost any spot on the map. It is worth noting that tents make for excellent hiding spots, too, as enemies won’t see you and you’ll regain 5 health per second while inside.

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As these tents allow you to stash weapons for later matches, you can also expect the battle royale to feature quests revolving around this ability. Currently, the game’s Indiana Jones questline challenges players to find and stash a Mythic or Exotic weapon inside a tent to earn the exclusive Indy’s Escape Spray. Players will also need to finish this quest to get Indiana Jones’ Temple Explorer style, an unlockable that requires you to complete all 11 of its challenges.