Where to find the abandoned bunker for The Lament quest in Destiny 2

The machines own it now.

Image via Bungie

For one of the steps in The Lament Exotic Sword quest, you will need to find an abandoned bunker in the Eventide Ruins. This is much easier to do than you might think, as the abandoned bunker is actually Bunker E15, the Lost Sector that can be found in the region.

To get there, spawn in at the spawn point near Variks at Charon’s Crossing, then hop on your sparrow and start moving to the left of Varik’s little hideout. Just keep head straight along the road, without any major left or right turns at junctions until you hit a tunnel. This tunnel will lead you to Eventide Ruins.

When you get there, you will notice a massive building in front of you with a small door on the side. Head in that door and then turn right. You will see a broken gap in the wall with some icicles on top of it. Jump up and into the gap, then drop down on the other side.

It is actually quite an awkward spot to find. You will need to make your way to the Eventide Ruins area, then head to the left side of the huge building in front of you if you are arriving from Cadmus Ridge. You will find a door up some stairs and can head inside. Turn left and you will see a break in the wall. Jump in there and follow the tunnels to get to the Lost Sector. Bunker E15 Lost Sector has a recommended Power level of 1210.

To finish this step in The Lament quest, you will need to go all the way to the end of the bunker, kill the boss, and then open the cache. When you do, the next stage of the quest will begin.