Where to find the crashed UFO in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

The truth is out there.

Crashed UFO Fortnite

Sometimes some fun surprises get added to the map in Fortnite, and these can hint at future happenings in the game. In the 13.30 update, a new item was added to the map, but you would be hard-pressed to find it. The UFO is very well hidden, but we have managed to track it down for you.

To find the UFO, you will need to head to the north of the map, near the radio tower.On a cliff behind the radio tower, down near the water, you will find a small beacon that has impacted the water and is glowing green. Now, the only way to currently see the UFO is to go in Career mode and watch a replay.

Crashed UFO Location

In replay mode, you can go down under the sea with the camera, and catch a peek at the UFO that is resting on the sea bed. Inside, you will be able to see a person, and if you can get close enough you can see through the helmet and spot that they are a human.

What it is doing there, we don’t know, but there are rumors that a new Crash Site POI will be added to the game soon. We assume the beacon on the wall is calling for help, and that something much larger will arrive in the game to try to save the person who is trapped underneath the waves.

Is the whole UFO thing a clever ruse? Is the person in the crashed ship actually from outside the simulator, sent in by Jonezy to find out what is going on? It is all so very confusing.