Where to find the “Do Not Listen” Tape in MADiSON – You shouldn’t have listened achievement guide

Blue Knees is real!

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There are plenty of secrets to be found throughout the house in MADiSON. For instance, you can find red instant camera pictures scattered about that are a form of collectible. One of the more hidden items is the “Do Not Listen” Tape. Obtaining this item will get you the You Shouldn’t Have Listened achievement. This guide covers how you obtain this tape and the items needed to get it.

What items are needed to get the tape?

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Before you can get your hands on the tape, you need to obtain the crowbar. The crowbar is found in the basement of the house past where the generator is. You will need to go through the red door that you went through early on in the story. The only difference is that you need a key to get through the door this time instead of your instant camera. The crowbar is the only item you need to obtain the tape.

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What is the tape and how to get it

The “Do Not Listen” Tape is a message from the protagonist’s grandmother to warn those who listen to it about Blue Knees. Like the other cassette tapes, the “Do Not Listen” Tape is meant to be played in the cassette player in grandpa’s house.

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Once you have the crowbar, head up to the attic. You should have completed the attic portion of the game earlier where you needed to solve the portrait puzzle. You may remember a raised floorboard in this area. Use the crowbar on the raised floorboard near the ladder you used to get into the attic. Pick up the tape once the board is out of the way. To get the achievement, you need to play the tape in the cassette player near the kitchen. Doing so will get you the You Shouldn’t Have Listened Achievement.