Where to find the Lost Helmet in Tip Toe in the Fall Guys Spartan Showdown event

It might be closer than you think.

Image via Epic Games/Mediatonic

The Fall Guys and Halo crossover event, Spartan Showdown, is underway, with new challenges to complete and new accessories to unlock. There’s plenty to get stuck into in this event, but there are a few challenges that might require a bit more effort on your part than just showing up.

Though many of the new cosmetic items in the Fall Guys Spartan Showdown event are only purchasable using Show-Bucks in the store, there are several that can be unlocked by cashing in the points earned from completing event challenges. Some of these challenges are fairly straightforward, such as just playing Spartan Showdown at all or qualifying from a certain number of rounds, but there are four that require you to locate a Lost Helmet in some of the events. Here’s how to find the Lost Helmet in the Tip Toe event.

Finding the Lost Helmet in Tip Toe in Fall Guys Spartan Showdown

Although you’ll need to progress a little way into the respective level to find some of the other Lost Helmets, the one in Tip Toe is much closer to home. In fact, it’s literally right beneath your feet.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll likely be falling into the great abyss a lot during Tip Toe, in which you must find the hidden path across the chasm while avoiding disappearing tiles. The aim, naturally, is to get across in the fastest time possible in order to get those sweet, sweet points and help your squad to qualify for the next round. To find the Lost Helmet, though, you actually want to be falling through the floor, because it’s hiding just underneath. Close to your starting platform, you can drop through the floor and nab it on your way down. You’d best get a move on after grabbing it though, because those other beans aren’t going to hang around.