Where to find the M1851 Wolfsbane in Resident Evil Village – Moreau’s Hidden Weapon

Stopping power.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The M1851 Wolfsbane is a handgun that fires Magnum rounds in Resident Evil Village. It will be available to players to find after the boss fight against Moreau. In the lead-up to this fight, players will spend some time trying to get a special crank that will allow them to turn some mechanisms.

After the fight, players will find themselves back at the start of Moreau’s area where they entered the first Windmill, and they will be back beside a locked gate with some yellow paint scrawled on it. Use the crank to open this gate, then move on up the footpath beyond it.

As you move up the snowy path you will need to take out some flying ghouls, but once they are dead you are pretty safe up here. Check the two houses near the large pile of bodies to find plenty of ammo and supplies, then make your way to the house in the raised area. The front door is locked, so go around the back and duck down low to crawl inside through a hole in the wall. Take out the werewolf inside, and you can grab the M1851 Wolfsbane from the box on the table.

When you go back outside you will find a large werewolf, but can kill it easily with the Wolfsbane. As you make your way back down, make sure you check out the small wooden hutch on the right side and grab the Mermaid Ball as well.