Where to find the Skyshard in Shipwreck Shoals in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

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While exploring the coastline of High Isle, you will likely come across a cave hidden away in the rocks. This Delve is Shipwreck Shoals, and like all Delves, features a mini-quest, a boss, and a Skyshard collectible for you to acquire. Unlike other Delves, this one features a map that isn’t as clear-cut as other dungeons. Here’s where to find the Skyshard in Shipwreck Shoals in High Isle.

Skyshard location in Shipwreak Shoals

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Follow the dotted line on your map to the northwest. You will see the Skyshard pop up on your map, but you won’t be able to reach it quite yet. You’ll need to progress further in until you see a camp on your left — fight past the enemies and continue to wrap your way around the rock structure until you find a ramp that takes you through some tattered sails. This is where the Skyshard is located.

Captain Ithala boss location

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While you’re here, you might as well finish up the quest you picked up outside — Spies in the Shallows. Collect all three intelligence on the outside map before proceeding onward to the second map. There will be two more objectives for you to gather, and one of them is guarded by the boss Captain Ithala. She will occasionally lay traps at your feet, so be sure to dodge or break out of them. Defeating her will earn you the Shipwreck Shoals Explorer achievement.

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