Where to find the Sunflower in Roblox Wacky Wizards

Oz of Wizards’ cave is hiding something.

Screenshot via Gamepur

Players looking to acquire Honey or complete the Queen Bee quest in Roblox Wacky Wizards need to collect pollen from five flowers. While most flowers are easy to locate, Sunflower can be a hassle to find. It’s located in an area that many players might not be aware of, which might leave them scratching their heads.

Where to find the Sunflower

Screenshot via Gamepur

To find Sunflower in Wacky Wizards, head towards the large tree that is home to the Queen Bee and bird ingredient. A secret cave is located on the right side of the large tree, with its entrance hidden by green shrubs. Although the shrubs seem to block the entrance of the cave, players can walk right through it. This cave is also home to Oz of Wizards’ hut.

Once you are inside the cave, simply walk towards the Oz of Wizards’ hut. The Sunflower will be located on the roof of the cabin, which players can collect.

Sunflower is one of the five flowers required to complete the Queen Bee quest and obtain the Honey ingredient. Other flowers include Field Daisy, Cactus Flower, Water Lily, and Lava Flower. Return to the honeycomb in the large tree and pollinate each hole opposite the Queen Bee after you’ve collected pollen from all the flowers. Once done, you can collect the Honey ingredient required for brewing the new Sweet-arms potion.