Where to find the Undercroft in Hogwarts Legacy

The most secret of rooms.

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There are plenty of hidden rooms and secret passages that you can find throughout the castle in Hogwarts Legacy. Hogwarts Castle is filled with all sorts of bizarre rooms and strange secrets for you to uncover. Perhaps none of the castle’s rooms is more secret than the Undercroft. This area is said even to be a secret from the professors, so you should never tell anyone about this area. This guide will show you where to find the Undercroft in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to access the Undercroft in Hogwarts Legacy

As you explore Hogwarts Castle, you will uncover various hidden rooms like the Hall of Herodiana which is hidden behind a secret button, or the Werewolf Tapestry room. The Undercroft, secret as it is, is actually very easy to locate but you won’t be able to enter it until you are given permission by Sebastian. During the campaign, you will get a mission from Sebastian where you meet him next to the entrance of the Undercroft before he shows you how to access it. During this mission, you will also learn the Confringo spell.

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After learning about the Undercroft, you will be told to keep it a secret but also be able to access it again at any point. If you are confused about where it is located, start by traveling to the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom Floo Flame in the Astronomy Wing of the castle. This will place you at the top of the stairs directly outside the classroom.

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From where you spawn in, go down the stairs and turn around. Proceed down the small path that is next to the staircase that leads underneath where you spawned in. Beneath the stairs, you will find the strange lunar-style clock from Sebastian’s quest. Interact with it to enter the Undercroft at any time. You will also return to the Undercroft after a decent number of Sebastian’s quests as you explore the mystery of how to cure Anne of her curse.