Where to find Trail Thrasher Dirt Bikes in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

The new vehicle type tends to appear in one region of the map.

Image via Epic Games

As longtime Fortnite fans know, every new chapter brings never-before-seen vehicles with mechanics of their own. In Chapter 4, the latest form of transportation to be added to the mix is motorcycles. These rides are otherwise known as Trail Thrasher Dirt Bikes on the battle royale’s island and let players perform everything from tricks to massive jumps. Here’s how to obtain a dirt bike in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

How to get dirt bikes in Fortnite

Similar to other vehicles, Trail Thrasher Dirt Bikes are not guaranteed to spawn in any specific location on the map. However, that does not mean you shouldn’t look in particular areas. At the time of writing, dirt bikes are most likely bound to appear in the green forest biome of the map. Thus, those desperate to get a ride as soon as possible will want to search POIs like Frenzy Fields, Faulty Splits, and Slappy Shores.

The green biome even lets you roam on dirt bikes in style. Outside each of its named locations, players can discover ramps that will send them flying high, making it possible to perform mid-air tricks. Once you’ve gained enough height, tricks can be done by either pressing your respective crouch button or by moving the vehicle in different directions to pull off flips. Traveling with a dirt bike can also lead to thousands of XP, as one Milestone quest will reward 6,000 XP each time you’ve driven it a certain distance.

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If the limited amount of dirt bikes have been taken, you may want to resort to traveling with the Shockwave Hammer. Those who find the tool from searching objects like Oathbound Chests can use it to catapult over 50 meters at a time, though it can also be used to slam down and possibly eliminate multiple enemies in one hit.