Where to find wooden planks to help Huai’an repair the Wangshu Inn in Genshin Impact

One step at a time.

Genshin Impact

Each day in Genshin Impact, the game will give you four Comissions. These are daily quests you can complete to get some important resources, Adventurer’s Rank, and Mora. They should be the first thing you do everyday when you log in.

One of these Comissions can be to help Huai’an repair the steps to the Wangshu Inn in the Liyue region of the game. To check your Commissions, just open your Adventurer’s Logbook and navigate to the Commission tab. If you have this one, you can teleport straight to the waypoint at the Wangshu Inn.

Go down the steps a little bit and you will find Haui’an. He will tell you that he needs some help getting planks to fix the steps. A large “investigate here” circle will appear on the minimap, but thankfuly you can find all the planks in the same place.

Plank Locations

Just off the tower and glide around to the eastern side and you will find a large collection of building materials. Here is where you can grab all of the planks that you will need. They will be highlighted by small glowing orbs of energy that you can interact with to pick up.

When you have them all, just teleport back to the top of the tower, as it is the quickest way to get up there. Go to Huai’an again and give him the planks and the Commission will be complete. If you don’t spend much time around the Wanghu Inn, make sure you grab the two Geoculus that are available here, as they will help you to rank up with the Statues of the Seven.