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Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, the Statues of the Seven are important landmarks that you will want to find as you play through the game. These Statues serve a couple of important functions in the game, and finding them will also help you increase your Adventure Rank.

The Statues of the Seven will perform quite a few functions in the game, some of which are very important.

  • When you find them, they will reveal important map information.
  • The act as fast travel waypoints.
  • You may change your elemental talents at these statues.
  • You can trade Oculi for important buffs and rewards.
  • You can heal all party memebers here, saving food and important resources.

When you first see the Statues, before you pray to them for the first time, they will have a bright red light coming from them, making them pretty easy to spot when you get close to them.

All Statue locations

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What are Oculi?

Oculi come in two different types, Anemoculus and Geoculus. They tend to be hidden behind simple climbing challenges, or in hard to reach spots and will take some exploration to find. Oculi can be found by exploring the world, and can then be offered to the statues to gain a range of benefits and rewards.

Each time you sacrifice some Oculi to the statue you will gain Stamina, Adventure XP, Primogems, and Anemo Sigils. Each level increase costs more and more Oculi as you level up the statutes. We will have a full list of all the benefits and values in the near future.