Where to gather the three fragments in Genshin Impact – From Dusk to Dawn in Byakukakoku

Gathering the past.

For the From Dusk to Dawn in Kyakukakoku quest in Genshin Impact, players will need to collect three different fragments. Each Fragment will have its own mini-quest that players will need to complete.

Below, you can find instructions on how to complete each one, which will normally revolve around a puzzle that needs to be solved to access a secret room.

Fragment 1 – The Trail of Drake and Serpent

The Trail of Drake and Serpent fragment is hidden in a secret room the players will need to figure out how to open. This is locked behind a pretty awkward puzzle, but you can find the solution for it below.

The image below shows each witch in the puzzle, and below that, you can find a list of the correct order of switch activations you will need to make to solve the puzzle. The goal is to create a clear path around the left side of the room, behind the bars in front of you, and up the stairs to the secret room.

Switch 1 will change the time of day, switch 2 will drop a set of gates, switch 3 will more a sliding wall, and switch 4 will drop a second set of gates.

  • 1 – This switch will change the time of day, activating the number 3 switch and allowing you to use it.
  • Hit 2 to drop the gates
  • Keep hitting switch three until it tells you that you cannot move the sliding wall anymore
  • Hit switch 4
  • Hit switch 2
  • Hit switch 3
  • Hit switch 2

Fragment 2 – Heart of Ouroboros

For the second Fragment in the From Dusk to Dawn in Kyakukakoku quest, players will need to make their way to the Serpent’s Heart for the Heart of Ouroboros quest. This is not as long and involved as the previous quest, thankfully.

When they arrive, players should activate the teleporter, then head to the right to find the mechanism that will switch the time of the day to Evernight. Now, they can make their way to the center of the Serpent’s Heart that is marked by a waypoint.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you are in the center of the area, you will notice there are five doorways filled with energy sigils. Interact with the column of light at the waypoint and sigils will appear on the ground, with a number of notches near them. The notches go from groups of one, all the way to five. This is the order that you need to “activate” the doors in.

Look for the single notch, then make your way to the door marked with that sigil. Walk into it and you will be turned into a ball of lighting and returned to the center of the area. Do this from one to five, activating all five doorways, and a chest will appear in the middle of the area. Open the chest to find the second fragment that you need for this quest.

Fragment 3 – Dreams in the Gaps

The Dreams in the Gaps quest is where players will be able to get the final Fragment for the From Dusk to Dawn in Kyakukakoku question. This is definitely the most basic of the Fragments to get.

Players will need to make their way to the south side of The Narrows in Enkanomiya where they will find a small flooded area. Take out the enemies, then ensure the nearby Everynight mechanism is set to night.

Interact with the nearby switch that will be marked by a waypoint and head inside, making sure to bring the Seelie with you. Follow the Seelie down the path, and just keep prodding it along whenever it stops moving. The Seelie will move up a level through a hole in the ceiling, so follow it up.

When you come to another mechanism, activate it to change the time of day, then take the new routes that will open up, and grab the chest that will contain the parchment. Hit the next mechanism with your weapon to open a gate and grab the second chest, then follow the Seelie outside.