Where to get Sumeru Roses in Genshin Impact – Sumeru Rose Locations

It would be more impressive not to find them.

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Sumeru Roses have been added into Genshin Impact in 3.0 within the appropriately named Sumeru region. These roses are found in abundance across this region, to the point that it’s difficult to traverse without coming across a handful of them. Sumeru Roses grow in clusters across Sumeru — where one is to be found, and others grow within a few yards.

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Where to find Sumeru Rose locations in Genshin Impact

Since there are almost 400 Sumeru Roses spread across western Teyvat, it’s best to search for them based on spawn density rather than individual materials. With a light purple hue and six unique petals surrounding the bulb, these flowers are rather easy to spot from far away. Adventurers will never need to stress about running low on Roses in the newest location of Genshin Impact once they arrive.

Image via Genshin Impact Interactive World Map

The Sumeru Rose is a harvestable ingredient that can be found growing across the region of Sumeru and are an ingredient for multiple recipes within Genshin Impact. Sugardew Bait, which requires them to be mixed with Harrah Fruit, is a two-star fishing bait using one Harrah Fruit and one Sumeru Rose.

Using that bait to fish in Genshin Impact will allow adventurers to create varieties of Lambad Fish Rolls, restoring up to 10% of character HP and an additional 1,200 health. This is one of the thriftier recipes available in Genshin, requiring only two ingredients, both of which are in rich supply and can stave off an early defeat during some of the more difficult battles in this game.

In Genshin Impact, players are only as strong as their party, and continuing to scavenge and scour the world for unique ingredients and materials will ensure victory in the long run. Don’t neglect your cooking, and your party will thank you!