Where to get the Exotic Unstable Bow in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

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The Unstable Bow is a new Exotic weapon that has been added to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. It fires explosive bolts that will do considerable damage on impact. What really makes the weapon interesting is that it constantly phase-shifts between different types of bows, so you can fire an endlessly different stream of arrows from it, to keep your enemies, and yourself, guessing.

To get the Unstable Bow, players will need to visit Rebirth Raven, who will sell it to them for 500 Gold Bars. The exact stats of the Unstable Bow are proving difficult to track down, although at the moment we are assuming that each bolt if the highest possible damage and rarity, but further testing is required.

Players can find Rebirth Raven to the northwest of Sweaty Sands. She is living in a house right on the coast and is normally in the first room on the ground floor.

Rebirth Raven will sell you an Exotic Bow, open up a Rift, or give you some challenges to complete. For the Spire challenges, she will also have a specific dialogue option that you need to click on the left side of the radial menu.

The Unstable Bow won’t appeal to players who need to know exactly what will happen when they fire a weapon. For players looking for a fun time, it really can be a very fun weapon, and the unpredictable nature of it can add a lot to a game.