Where to look for the remaining Key Sigils in Genshin Impact – The Still Water Flows quest guide

Pretty tricky.

To get access to the Enkanomiya area of Genshin Impact players will need to work through a short quest called The Still Water Flows. Part of this quest is to find some Key Sigils. These are easy to find if you have already made a certain amount of progress on Inazuma. If not, you will have some work to do.

Both Key Sigils will be marked on the map, and are effectively quite easy to find. The one to the north will be found on a beach to the north of Watasume Island.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The second one is tricker. Players who head straight for the waypoint will find themselves standing in the water, with the item apparently below them. You will instead need to head to a cave accessed during the Heart of Watasumi quest.

Players who venture into the cave, which can be accessed about halfway down the nearby cliff face that forms the central bowl around Watasumi, will find the second Sigil they need to access Enkanomiya surrounded by some enemies. Take them all out and grab the Sigil, then head to the refreshed waypoints to use them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Anyone who needs help with the Heart of Watasumi quest to get access to the cave can follow the link above, or the video below to find all the details you will need.