Who are the English voice actors in Guilty Gear Strive?

All the English voice actors have been revealed post second beta.

Guilty Gear Strive

Image via Arc System Works

Ahead of the worldwide release of Guilty Gear Strive on June 11, the entire English voice cast has been revealed. A good chunk of voice actors personally announced on Twitter, and the rest were revealed following the story trailer’s release. Many of the actors are returning to voice their respective characters, while others make their acting debut in the franchise. Regardless, it’s an excellent cast all around and, judging from what we heard in the second beta and the story trailer so far, the actors are doing a bang-up job.

Sol Badguy

Voiced by David Forseth

Image via IMDb/Arc System Works

Sol is short-tempered and frank, and speaks as little as possible. His aggressive yet balanced playstyle matches his personality perfectly.


Voiced by Matthew Mercer

Image via IMDb/Arc System Works

Zato’s personality changed after dying. Once calm, methodical, he’s become completely emotionless. The only person he values and shows emotion to is Millia. His technical playstyle requires plenty of skill and setup, reflecting his background as the Assassin’s Guild leader.

Chipp Zanuff

Voiced by Ed Bosco

Image via Behind the Voice Actors/Arc System Works

Chipp isn’t too bright, and he’s hot-blooded to boot. But thanks to his recent interest in politics, he’s slowly learning manners. He’s a high-speed type fighter, his fast-paced style matching his high energy.


Voiced by Evan Michael Lee

Image via IMDb/Arc System Works

Nagoriyuki is a noble vampire samurai. His powerful vamperic abilities net him the fighting style of one shot, as he demolishes foes while healing himself from the damage he inflicts.

Anji Mito

Voiced by Kae Min

Image via Arc System Works

Anji is an instinctive and direct person who puts little thought into what he does. He’s of Japanese descent and fled the compound that forcibly houses others of his race. He uses twin fans and is a great balanced fighter who easily puts pressure on his foes.

Leo Whitefang

Voiced by Jamieson Price

Image via IMDb/Arc System Works

Leo is a king and behaves accordingly: a regal man and a sore loser who holds himself in high esteem. He’s a balanced fighter with powerful moves that can quickly dispatch any foes before him.

Ky Kiske

Voiced by Sean Chiplock

Image via TV Tropes/Arc System Works

Ky is a serious and dedicated young man who helps those in need and devotes himself to what he holds dear. He dislikes rulebreakers and those who disrupt the peace. He’s not only balanced but is one of the easiest characters to use, as his diverse moveset adapts well to nearly any scenario.


Voiced by Armen Taylor

Image via IMDb/Arc System Works

Potemkin is a soldier with a proud and pure heart, a true gentle giant. He can’t tolerate the sight of others hurt and will not allow himself to be used as a tool for evil. As a power throw fighter, if he gets you in his grasp, it’s all over.

Axl Low

Voiced by Alexander Gross

Image via fandom.com/Arc System Works

Axel comes from the 20th century and can manipulate time. He’s optimistic and often takes things easy, but he’s also compassionate and refuses to take a life. His long-range moves and time ability punishes foes who cannot close the distance.


Voiced by Kaiji Tang

Image via IMDb/Arc System Works

Faust is a mysterious underground doctor, whose behavior is inexplicably bizarre and random. Despite the trauma that deeply affects him to this day, he’s a caring and kind person inside. His unique style reflects his personality, and the random timing and nature of his moveset can throw any foe off.


Voiced by Eden Riegel

Image via IMDb/Arc System Works

May is an energetic girl who many love but also have a hard time keeping up with. She tends to be impulsive and gets those around her involved. She’s balanced and wields both close and mid-ranged attacks with the help of Mr. Dolphin.


Voiced by Amber Lee Connors

Image via IMDb/Arc System Works

I-NO is friendly and casual to many she meets, which hides her violent temper well. All are beneath her, including “That Man,” who she works with, and she manipulates men without care. As a rushdown fighter, her powerful and flexible music-based attacks pressure her enemies.

Millia Rage

Voiced by Tara Platt

Image via IMDb/Arc System Works

After leaving the Guild, Millia has experienced a wealth of emotions, as she now lives among ordinary people. She’s a high-speed fighter, and her lightning-fast combos are difficult to counter.


Voiced by Lilimar

Image via IMDb/Arc System Works

Giovanna is a spec ops who guards the US president. She can be rude and cold at times but is well-meaning. She also gets along well with children and animals. Her wolf Rei assists her in combat, enhancing her already formidable rushdown moveset.

Ramlethal Valentine

Voiced by Laura Stahl

Image via Maureen Price/Arc System Works

Ramlethal is an artificial human called a “Valentine.” She originally wanted to destroy humanity but now holds them dear and has become a powerful ally. Her shooting style allows her to command mid-range with strong projectiles and sword slashes.

Other notable non-combatants have been revealed as well. Vernon is voiced by Anthony Alabi, Asuka is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince (who also narrates the story trailer), Gabriel is voiced by Richard Epcar, Aria is voiced by Nicole Tompkins, Erica is voiced by Sarah Williams, and Goldlewis is voiced by Steve Barr.