Why can’t I use the Point-Contact Cannon Brace in Destiny 2? Answered

There are a few problems with this item.

Image via Bungie

The Point-Contact Cannon Brace is a Titan Exotic in Destiny 2. Many players want to add it to their chosen Titan Guardian with the launch of Arc 3.0, for the Season of Plunder. However, it has a few problems, especially if you were looking forward to using it on your character. Bungie has addressed these issues, but the information is minor. Here’s what you need to know about why you can use the Point-Contact Cannon Brace in Destiny 2.

What happened to the Point-Contact Cannon Brace in Destiny 2?

The Bungie Help team has shared the latest details about the Season of Plunder and what players can expect when they drop into the game on their Twitter page. Unfortunately, one of these details circled around the Point-Contact Cannon Brace, which will not be available for players to loot or use now. The team has removed it from play for the time being, and this was because there is a bug surrounding the exotic.

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The information was shared by the Bungie Help Twitter page. While they have said they have removed it from play right now, they did not share why outside of it having a problem. The team has shared that this will only be temporary, and we should see Titans being able to acquire this exotic item later in the season.

We recommend following the Bungie Help Twitter page to gain insight into when the team will bring this exotic back. We imagine it will happen around a weekly reset, which occurs each week on Tuesday in Destiny 2. When it does return, Titans will have to check out alongside the Arc 3.0 and see if it’s what they want to add to their build.