Will Death Stranding be on Game Pass?

Will Norman Reedus be free-dus?

Image via PlayStation

Death Stranding released on PlayStation 4 in 2019. It then saw a PC release in 2020 and a PlayStation 5 upgrade in 2021. It’s been firmly under the care of Sony all along, but it’s still worth asking if the post-apocalyptic Kojima Productions title will ever find its way to Game Pass.

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Is Death Stranding coming to PC Game Pass?

As of August 19, we now know that Death Stranding is coming to PC Game Pass on August 23. This comes after Microsoft’s PC Twitter account posted a teasing image of the game on August 16. Fortunately, it wasn’t just a cheeky joke and has now been confirmed for the service.

The PC Game Pass Twitter account teased followers with a message about changing its profile picture. “Sometimes we just like a good landscape picture,” it read. Clicking on said profile picture, one can see a landscape that might look familiar to Death Stranding players.

In fact, one such individual actually tracked down the exact place shown in @XboxGamePassPC’s profile picture. @naven0m shared a matching picture they took in-game, featuring Norman Reedus’ Sam Bridges taking a leak by a prominent rock in the area.

Taking all of this into account, it certainly sounds like Death Stranding could be coming to PC Game Pass soon. The Director’s Cut of the game is already available on PC, after all.

Have other PlayStation games been on Game Pass?

Death Stranding being a PlayStation-owned IP might have seemed like a roadblock, but it isn’t actually the first game with the PlayStation branding to be on Game Pass. MLB The Show 22, the latest in the long-running PlayStation sports franchise, came to Game Pass on day one. Now, Death Stranding is joining it, potentially paving a path for future releases like these two to do the same thing. We wouldn’t expect to see something like God of War Ragnarok come to Game Pass, but studios like Kojima Productions might make the switch eventually.