Will Forspoken be coming to Xbox consoles? Answered

The console war rages on.

Image via Square Enix

Since its initial announcement, Forspoken has constantly been mired in controversy. Aside from the questionable dialogue choices written into its script, Square Enix’s decision to make their title a PlayStation and PC exclusive was one that predictably didn’t go down too well with Xbox community. Now that the game has been released, however, some fans have become curious about when they can play it on Microsoft’s console. Here’s what we know about its possible availability on Xbox.

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Is Forspoken coming to Xbox consoles?

Unfortunately, Forspoken won’t be arriving on Xbox consoles any time soon since the Square Enix title was announced as a two-year timed exclusive for the PC and the PlayStation 5. According to the game’s official promotional trailer, the earliest Forspoken could become available for the Xbox is on January 24, 2025. This also means the game won’t be available on Game Pass, Microsoft’s popular video game subscription service, until then.

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It’s worth noting that Square Enix themselves have yet to issue an announcement regarding Forspoken’s future availability on other consoles. However, the Japanese gaming giant has often included many of its most prominent titles within Xbox and Switch catalogs, which means that it may only be a matter of time before they make an official statement.

If you’re looking to play the divisive magic parkour title from Square Enix, you’ll have to get a PS5 or a PC to do so. Funnily enough, Forspoken is currently available for purchase on the Xbox store for the PC, so technically, you can play it on the Xbox right now.