Can you catch a shiny Lugia in Pokémon Go? – September 1, 2021

Lugia is returning, but is it shiny?

Image via Niantic

This season in Pokémon Go, the Season of Mischief it’s all about Hoopa and capturing the mythical Pokémon, but there are several legendary Pokémon along the way. Starting on September 1, Lugia is the first legendary Pokémon player will have the chance to capture. It’s an excellent Pokémon to use in the Ultra and Master League, and it’ll also come with the exclusive charged move, aeroblast. But what are the chances of you capturing a shiny Lugia?

At this time, it looks like you can capture a Lugia during these raids. While it was not said by the Niantic blog post announcing Lugia’s return, players who have access to Lugia have encountered one in their region. If you were on the hunt for a shiny Lugia, the first two weeks of September will be a good opportunity for you to potentially add one to your collection. You have a one in 20 chance of finding a shiny Pokémon when battling them in a raid, so try to jump into as many raids as you can to battle against this Pokémon.

These raids will be available starting at 10 AM in your local time zone on September 1 and continue until the 14. After that, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf will be appearing in five-star raids worldwide in their respective regions, and those three Pokémon will have shiny versions available.