Will Lugia be shiny for five-star raids in November 2020 in Pokémon Go?

Lugia is returning.

Image via Niantic

Lugia has been announced to arrive in five-star raids starting on November 6 until November 16 in Pokémon Go. It’s a part of the Animation Week 2020 event occurring in the game, and while there are a lot new details happening, the biggest detail players are most excited about is the return of Lugia and it can now learn its signature move, aeroblast. Another discussion point fans are having is if Lugia will have it shiny variant available at the same time.

The Animation Week 2020 post on Pokémon Go’s announcement doesn’t give us too much information about what we can expect to see. Right now, it only says that Lugia will be available during the time frame. Typically, the big neon sign that it will have a shiny variation for players to catch is if it also includes, “and if trainers are lucky they might catch a shiny one,” as the final sentence. We don’t have that, but we do have it for other Pokémon featured in the event, such as World Cap Pikachu and Cubone.

We may learn more concrete details closer to the release of Lugia. Sometimes, developer Niantic has left this information up in the air for players to find out for themselves. When Lugia has been released to five-star raids in the past, it has had a shiny variant, so we can almost expect it given the past history of the game. For those looking to add a shiny Lugia to your roster, now would be a good time to prepare for one, especially if it can learn aeroblast.