Will there be an Ubisoft Forward 2022?

With no official E3, what’s Ubisoft planning this year?

Image via Ubisoft

The lack of an E3 2022 means there’s no hard schedule for publishers to make their big summer announcements this year. Many will be participating with Summer Game Fest, but when it comes to their own specific showcases, only Microsoft has one scheduled for next week.

When E3 was canceled in 2020 as well, the likes of Ubisoft came up with their own digital presentations to make up for the lack of in-person press conferences. Ubisoft stuck with it the following year so it was safe to assume it would host another Ubisoft Forward this summer during the not-E3 period. Recently, however, the company has confirmed with Axios that this will not be the case and it won’t be holding a Ubisoft Forward in June.

Why is there no Ubisoft Forward in June 2022?

Ubisoft hasn’t said why they won’t be having a showcase in June. We do know that a presentation was apparently meant to take place before the E3 period began (around April or May), according to an eXputer report from March. However, Ubisoft reportedly wound up delaying it due to real-world events that were occurring at the time.

The report said Ubisoft’s reason for scheduling the presentation before the E3 period was to avoid having its announcements be drowned out by the competition. Perhaps that’s also the company’s reasoning for not having a Ubisoft Forward in June. With Summer Game Fest playing host to many other developers and publishers, Ubisoft likely wants a quieter period for its announcements to garner more attention and not be overshadowed.

When is Ubisoft Forward 2022?

We don’t have an exact date for an Ubisoft Forward 2022, with Ubisoft only telling Axios it will come “later this year.” That doesn’t really narrow it down and means it could be anywhere from July to December. However, in 2020, the company did hold a second Ubisoft Forward in September. This would be an ideal time to do it again since all the big summer reveals and events would be out of the way — not just Summer Game Fest, but also Gamescom 2022, which runs in late August.