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WoW Dragonflight: How To Farm Reputation With Loamm Niffen

Make friends with moles in low places.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s Embers of Neltharion update brought in a ton of fresh content for players to sink their teeth into. Along with an assortment of new enemies and items, a new main campaign quest series was also added, progressing the story of the expansion. As long as you have completed the main storyline quests of the previous patch, you can dive right into the first chapter of the Embers of Neltharion update’s campaign, Breaking Ground.

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In the first chapter of this new series, you’ll assist the Dragon Aspects, specifically Sabellian and Wrathion, on a mission that takes you into the newly uncovered Zaralek Cavern zone. As expected, this vast cave system, located below the Dragon Isles, presents a diverse range of challenges that players need to tackle. It also introduces them to a new race called the Niffen and their corresponding Renown faction, the Loamm Niffen, whom players will want to befriend for all new rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about the Loamm Niffen and how to gain reputation with this Renown faction in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

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Unlocking the Loamm Niffen as a Renown Faction in Dragonflight

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Niffen are a unique race of creatures that resemble moles and reside in the underground cave system in their town of Loamm. They may seem a bit on-the-nose (snoot?) for an underground race, but they’re pretty cool nonetheless. At the beginning of the new campaign chapter and upon reaching Zaralek Cavern, you’ll meet Elder Honeypelt, the leader of the Loamm Niffen, and will start to befriend the friendly race.

Similar to other Renown factions in Dragonflight, the Loamm Niffen have 20 Renown levels, each offering valuable and unique rewards. These rewards include a variety of benefits that increase your gains from activities in Zaralek Caverns, as well as exciting and fun rewards including Drakerider Manuscripts, cosmetic gear, battle pets, and toys.

How to increase Renown with the Loamm Niffen in Dragonflight

The process of earning reputation and increasing Renown with the Loamm Niffen is essentially the same as with other Renown factions in Dragonflight. Once you unlock the faction, you’ll automatically receive 2500 reputation, which will instantly raise your Renown level to 2. To progress through the subsequent Renown levels, you’ll need to earn another 2500 reputation for each rank.

As more chapters of the Embers of Neltharion storyline unlock in the coming weeks, there will be additional Loamm Niffen reputation rewards available through completing those questlines. In the meantime, though, there are many ways you can raise your Renown with the Loamm Niffen and start earning their rewards.

How to earn reputation to increase Renown with the Loamm Niffen in Dragonflight

To increase your Renown with the Loamm Niffen, you’ll need to complete content in Zaralek Cavern. This can be done through a variety of different activities, which we have detailed below. These quests and objectives will either directly award reputation or provide reputation tokens, some of which you can even send to your alts to raise their reputation with the Loamm Niffen if you’d like. Here are the different ways you can earn reputation and raise Renown with the Loamm Niffen:

Complete Weekly Quests and Events

  • Complete “Researchers Under Fire” – There is one major weekly event called “Researchers Under Fire” which takes place in the Ruins of Drekazera at coordinates (47.60 56.76). You can tell when this event is active because it will be marked with a golden horn on the world map. This event begins every half hour and you can complete it during this time, but keep in mind that you can only complete it once per week.
  • Complete “A Worthy Ally: Loam Niffen” – This weekly quest begins at Mimuup, found at coordinates (56.4 55.6), and requires you to earn 1500 reputation, similar to the “Aiding the Accord” quest for the other Renown factions. Fortunately, this quest has a much lower reputation requirement and can be easily completed by gaining reputation from other quests, events, and consumable items. It’s recommended to complete this quest every week not only to increase your Renown but also because you’ll receive a Dig Map, which is used for Sniffenseeking.
  • Zaralek Caverns Public Objectives – You can earn Loamm Niffen Commendation tokens by participating in various world events and public objectives that will pop up in Zaralek Caverns. These events are typically announced zone wide in the chat and will be shown on the world map with a special icon. You can complete each of these objectives once weekly.

Complete World Quests in Zaralek Caverns

What would a new World of Warcraft zone be without new World Quests to complete? Zaralek Caverns is no exception, offering a variety of new challenges and big baddies to face. You can find currently active World Quests by checking the world map, and new quests will pop up. Completing World Quests in the zone will award reputation with the Loamm Niffen and may also offer bonus reputation tokens as a reward.

Go Sniffenseeking with Myrrit

Screenshot by Gamepur

Immediately upon reaching Renown 2 with the Loamm Niffen, you’ll unlock a special zone-specific ability, Sniffenseeking. To start sniffin’, head to Myrrit, found at coordinates (55.6 57.4). You’ll be able to do one dig for free each week with him, unlock another by finishing the weekly quest and giving him the dig map, and finally a third after purchasing a map the Bartering vendor Ponzo when unlocked. You’ll want to be sure to complete all three digs available with each week, as you will receive reputation tokens that can be used to increase your reputation and Renown with the Loam Niffen along with other helpful items.

Complete Ponzo and Kayann’s Profession Weekly Quests

Screenshot by Gamepur

Upon reaching Renown 3 with the Loamm Niffen, you’ll meet Ponzo, a bartering vendor found at coordinates (58.1, 53.8) in Loamm. In addition to being able to earn and spend Barter Bricks to purchase items from him, you’ll also unlock a set of profession-related Daily Quests. These quests mostly take place in Valdrakken and award both Barter Bricks and a small amount of reputation with the Loamm Niffen.

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All Renown Rewards for Loamm Niffen in WoW Dragonflight

Here is a full list of the unlockable Renown rewards for the Loamm Niffen faction. You can check out the Renown various levels and their rewards in-game by opening the “Dragon Isles Summary” menu via the button on the minimap and clicking on the Loamm Niffen bar at the top of the list. If you’re having trouble, you can also open this menu by creating and binding this macro: /script ExpansionLandingPage:Show()

Renown LevelReward Unlocked
Renown 1Loamm Niffen
Renown 2Hidden Treasures I
Renown 3Loamm Bartering
Renown 4Item Rewards
Renown 5Drakewatcher Manuscripts I
Renown 6Item Rewards
Renown 7Snail Racing
Renown 8Niffen Equipment I
Renown 9Myrrit Affinity
Renown 10Loamm Niffen Tabard, Scent of a Worthy Ally I
Renown 11Hidden Treasures II, Sniffin’ Salts
Renown 12Loamm Bartering Bettered, Crafter’s Knowledge
Renown 13Drakewatcher Manuscripts II
Renown 14Niffen Equipment II
Renown 15Meet the Beetles!
Renown 16Black Dragon Cosmetics, Drakewatcher Manuscripts III
Renown 17Bartering Boulder Gift, Flightstones
Renown 18Morsel Sniffer, Niffen Tools
Renown 19Drake Helms, Drakewatcher Manuscripts IV
Renown 20Sniffin’ with the Niffen, Scent of a Worthy Ally II, A Heroic Reward, Bartering Boulders

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