Wrathborn Hunts guide – Destiny 2

The Hive is stirring.

Destiny 2

With the Fallen firmly put back in their box, the power of Darkness embraced, and assorted weapons and loot discovered, it is time for the Season of the Hunt in Destiny 2 to really kick it up a notch. Wrathborn Hunts involved chasing down the forces of an emerging hive threat, Xivu Arath. This Hive god of war is making her own play for power, and it’s up to us to stop her.

To do these Wrathborn Hunts you will need to work with the Crow, and the Spider, as neither of them are happy to see the Hive begin these incursions.

How to start Wrathborn Hunts

The first thing you will need to do is play through a brief mission to find Osiris on the Mood, then head to the Tangled Shore to speak with Spider. He will ask for your help hunting down the Wrathborn, and after that, you will need to speak to The Crow.

The Crow will give you a Cryptolith Lure that you can use to hunt the Wrathborn. You will need to charge it up by taking part in various activities such as Strikes, Crucible, or Nightfall. When you have a fully completed charge, you can use a Prey Mod to find one of the below targets, kill them, and get some loot and Recon Data.

Wrathborn Hunt Targets

Lure Mutations

Lure Mutations are an important aspect of the Hunts. You can slots these into the last two slots on the Lure, and they will affected the gear that drops in some way. This can be narrowing the potential pool of perks that a weapon might have, or even Masterworking an armor piece.

You can earn Lure Mutations through just about any activity in the game, and we are working on a comprehensive list of sources and the Mutations that they drop.

This guide is under construction.