Xenoblade Chronicles 2- How to Increase Your Blade’s Trust

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 players will need to build trust with their Blades to advance through the story, obtain items, and defeat bosses.

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In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, players will need to devote large portions of time into their weapons, known as Blades, to have any hopes of enjoying everything the game has to offer. In order for your Blades to grow, players will need to accumulate an amount of Trust, which is the Blade’s form of experience.

Increasing the Trust of your Blade is a big deal. Not only will it unlock the next levels of abilities for your Blade, but it will also allow you to find more items, explore more areas, and give you access to a whole new bunch of awards.

The level of Trust between you and your blade is also vital to completing certain main story missions. In some later worlds, players will be unable to progress through a main story mission without unlocking certain abilities, making Trust vital to completing the game, let alone exploring new areas.

Building Trust with Blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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The most common way to increase the Trust of your Blade is to fight beside it. This method, however, is slow, as Blades will only gain a small amount of Trust after every battle concludes.

There are a lot of things you can do during battles, however, that will increase the amount of Trust a Blade will get at the end.

For example, certain attacks offer bonus damage for hitting an enemy from a certain spot, such as the side or from behind. If a player deals this bonus damage then the level of Trust between the Driver and the Blade will increase slightly.

Blades can also gain trust by completing Merc Quests. Players unlock Merc Quests between chapters three and four of the main story in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. These are small mini-games that send a Blade away for a set amount of time, returning with rare items, experience, and gold.