Yakuza 0 Chapter 13 Walkthrough | Crime and Punishment


Goro Majima finally gets the location of Makimura after defeating Sera in the previous Chapter 12 Den of Desires. In this chapter, you will play as Kazuma Kiryu who is called by Sera to escort Makimura safely. This is the exact scene before Goro Majima fights with Sera.

Yakuza 0 Chapter 13 Walkthrough

Crime and Punishment Walkthrough

In the end, you will earn 100,000,000 yen after completing the chapter.

Go To The Video Shop

The story of Kiryu continuous from where his apartment is burned and he is saved by Tachibana. Back at the restaurant, Kiryu gets a task of extracting safely from Sotenbori. After talking to Oda follow the marker that will lead you to Cal Videos. Wait there for Sera’s call, the clerk will open a secret room for you to wait. He will tell you that Tachibana is half Chinese and half Japanese which makes him an outcast. Oda will arrive and he will tell you to get some food. Time to collect health items, gather things till Oda sends a pager message.

Once you get the message return back to CAL Videos, here you will find that Sera wants you to pick up Makimukra from Benten Inn. After a while, Oda, Kiryu, and Makimura drives off in a car and are chased by Shibusawa. This will trigger a chase sequence where you will have to aim and shoot enemies. They will try to reach near you and shoot you, you have to attack.

Here you can get a chance to get Big Hair in the Crosshair trophy, for this shoot down the motorcycle on your right. After a while, a car will appear, shoot the man with an afro. Keep shooting the enemies in the car who are coming near to you. After you take down a wave of the car there will be a helicopter. Look for the game cursor shoot when it turns green. The helicopter has an enemy with a rocket launcher you have to shoot the enemies as well rockets in the sky. After killing the enemies you will have to find a hiding spot.

Oda will turn against you and Makimura will tell you after you save her that Oda was the man who abducted her two years ago. He is the man with a bat tattoo on his hand. Oda will tell you that Makimura is Tachbana’s sister. In between the discussion a few Shibusawa men appear.

You have to fight them and protect Makimura, she has a health bar on her head. The first group will be mostly fist fight. Next, a heavy man will appear with a cutting blade attached to a machine. Use the beast style pick up a heavy object around and attack with that. The main will appear once again with a few more men. Now you will be fighting against a group. Use the Beast Style, there are red barrels around the area use them to attack the enemies. The chapter ends as Makimura agrees to meet Tachibana.

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