$150 Mass Effect Legendary Cache Collector’s Bundle comes with a lifesize helmet, but no game

You can wear the Mass Effect experience, but not play it.

Image via Bioware

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a thoroughly remastered approach to Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, and the hype is real as fans prepare to relive Commander Sheperd’s journey of saving the galaxy. Bioware seems to be leaning into that hype, too, with its latest addition to the Bioware Gear Store, a Mass Effect: Legendary Cache. It costs $149.99 and comes with a cool, lifesized replica of Commander Shepherd’s helmet, among other goodies. But eager fans who quickly try to swipe it may miss the fine print, which clearly states that the bundle will actually not include the Mass Effect: Legendary edition game.

You get the lifesize N7 helmet that lights up, the Morality Spinner Pin featuring the iconic Paragon and Renegade symbols, and the N7 Acceptance letter. It comes with two canvas art prints and a full-color custom box featuring the game’s key art. There’s even a Mass Effect: Legendary Edition metal game case in which you can store your game. Said game, though, is nowhere to be found, seemingly lost to the barren wastes of space.

Screenshot via the Bioware Gear Store

There’s no upgraded version of the bundle that comes with the game, either. If you want to make use of the metal case, you’ll need to buy the physical copy of the game separately. The promo page details the cache as a “bundle of premium gear is a celebration of the original Mass Effect trilogy,” so it never outright claims to come with the game. It just seems logical to assume that it does.

On the outside, the Legendary Cache bundle seems like a great way for fans to grab a piece of nostalgia. It’s available for anyone who feels they can comfortably afford it and is a big fan of the franchise. On the other hand, reading the fine print detailing all of the items included in the bundle, but not including the game, feels like a bit of a cash grab.

The bundle is available now at the Bioware Gear Store. It’s being offered as an early bird special with free shipping in the U.S. until February 9. The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition comes to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 14.