Cerny Explains Why PS4 Pro Won't Have Elite Controller, 2.28 Times More Powerful Than PS4

PS4 Pro Missing Elite Controller

Sony has made it pretty clear that with PlayStation 4 Pro (priced at $399) they are targeting serious gamer. So what exactly are the things that are stopping Sony from releasing an elite or expensive gamepad with PS4 Pro like Xbox One Elite controller? In a recent interview with our friend at TheVerge, PS4 Pro Lead Architect Mark Cerny explained the reason behind it.

PS4 Pro Missing Elite Controller

"We want to keep PlayStation 4 as a single unified audience," explained Cerny. "We need to be quite careful to the enhancements we add to the controller. But it's not the sort of thing that's going to create have's and have nots." The new Dualshock 4 controller, bundled with both the PS4 Slim and the Pro, is just a slightly different model with an extended light bar."

Furthermore, Cerny went to explain how exactly the GPU is going to work in PlayStation 4 Pro and how it is different from its predecessor. According to Cerny, PS4 Pro does not use an entirely new GPU, instead, it is using a "double-sized one." PS4 Pro comes with a second identical GPU configured next to the original, carrying a 14% boost in the frequency i.e. 911MHz. This double the processing power of the PS4 Pro. Also, the PS4 Pro uses the same 8 core Jaguar CPU cores, but it is clocked at a higher speed.

In addition to this, Cerny told Eurogamer that PS4 Pro comes with an additional 1GB DRAM, which is used between apps and games for faster switching. It has also been revealed that games on PS4 Pro will make uses of 5.5GB of RAM and the remaining will be used for PS4 Pro's interface.


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