God of War PS4 Tech Review Praises Character, Animation And Environments

God of War PS4 Tech Analysis

Digital Foundry has provided us with a new and final God of War Tech Review on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, confirming it’s another showcase of what the platform can achieve in terms of technology and beauty.

In particular, according to the firm, the environments are the most beautiful thing on display here, and the game is very careful in letting you know that by giving you more and more opportunities to give a look at them.

God of War PS4 Tech Analysis

"Character realisation is sensational in this game but ultimately, it's the environments that really steal the show. Early showings of God of War intentionally focused on the gorgeous snowy forests of Midgard but there is so much more here," the review says.

"From the towering peaks to the smallest details, every inch of the world receives careful attention to detail. Look closely at any scene and it's easy to appreciate - every wooden beam, a slab of stone and a snarling tree branch is suitably rounded and realistic."

Characters are not less impressive, though, and particularly animation is something Digital Foundry thinks really makes the latest Santa Monica Studio productions stand up against the other action adventure titles.

"Getting up close like this showcases the extreme detail, whether it's on Kratos himself, his son Atreus or any of the other friends and foes you'll encounter on the journey. Thanks to the game's reliance on physically-based rendering - leather, cloth, and fur all appear highly realistic and sits naturally within the world. Hair and beards both look and move realistically, with excellent shading and detail," Digital Foundry adds.

"Animation plays as important a role as raw detail and sets a new standard for the series. Attacks connect with and stagger enemies realistically, and everything from tossing an Axe at the head of a large creature to swooping up the undead with a vicious attack lends a sense of weight and momentum to the game. Larger enemies - a staple of earlier series entries - also make an appearance, featuring both excellent cinematic and in-game animation."

God of War releases on April 20, so we’re very a few days away from confirming all of this with our own eyes and hands.

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