Destiny 2: Best Scout Rifles

Discretion is often the better part of valor, and scout rifles in Destiny 2 reward careful and methodical gameplay with long-range accuracy and high damage.

While weapons like auto rifles and submachine guns are used with reckless abandon, scout rifles in Destiny 2 are used to sit back and deal massive damage from a safe distance.

These are some of the best scout rifles in Destiny 2.

MIDA Multi-Tool

Arguably the best all-around Kinetic weapon in the game, MIDA is the only Exotic weapon on the list. Its deadly accuracy combined with the fact that you're able to use the radar while aiming down the sights makes it an absolute monster in Destiny 2's team-shotting Crucible meta.

Nameless Midnight

This monster is a dominant PvE weapon and solid PvP option as well, thanks to its explosive rounds. Bullets explode when they hit their target, meaning that it's great for clearing out large groups of enemies in PvE. There's also no damage dropoff for the explosions, meaning that they do the same base damage at any distance, making it especially useful in PvP.


This Suros scout rifle has one of the most satisfying dot sights and cadences in the game. Its low recoil combines with high Impact to create an Energy weapon that can pair well with an up-close-and-personal Kinetic gun to wreak havoc in the Crucible.

Manannan SR4

Like the Nameless Midnight in the Kinetic slot, the Manannan has explosive rounds, making it a dangerous and lethal gun in the right hands out of the Energy slot.

The End

This rifle is a reward from Trials of Osiris, and its sleek design matches its slick handling. The perks aren't especially useful, but it is incredibly accurate with high impact.

Pleiades Corrector

What this Future War Cult rifle lacks in Impact, it makes up for with High Caliber Rounds and the Rampage perk, which stacks increased damage with each kill it racks up.