A Halo Infinite bug is sending Brute Choppers into the sky

They apparently want to be Boeing Choppers.

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta is massively popular — over 150,000 players on Steam jumped in within just two hours of launch. With that many people getting in on the action, there are sure to be some glitches, and one involving skyrocketing Brute Choppers is quite entertaining.

Reddit user Ilyias_12 shared a video (per PC Gamer) in which they hijacked a Chopper, only to have it ramp right up a nearby cliff and fly right across the map, taking them out of bounds. It’d be frustrating if it weren’t so funny to watch. Comments theorize that hitting a Chopper with an EMP is what causes the glitch, as that seems to combine with the vehicle’s booster and send it flying off. Another video by Reddit user ReZilience_RL corroborates this theory, as they throw an EMP onto a boosting Chopper, which does indeed launch it into the sky.

It’s an entertaining bug, at least. Halo Infinite players have other complaints to air: some fans are upset about the multiplayer’s progression system and the lack of instakill skulls and flags. While the absence of those one-hit kills is intentional, 343 Industries will be making changes to progression, which is closely tied to daily and weekly challenges. Community director Brian Jarrard said the team “will share updates as [they] have them.”

In the meantime, you can EMP Brute Choppers to your heart’s content. Maybe there’s a custom game of H.O.R.S.E. to be played there. If you need some pointers on the game’s other tools, we can teach you how the Heatwave works and how to throw a fusion coil.