Halo Infinite doesn’t have insta-kill skulls and flags, and fans are upset

They haven’t always been so powerful though.

Image via 343 Industries

After a surprise launch, Halo Infinite multiplayer Season 1 is available now. Classic weapons, custom games, and plenty of maps are in the mix, but one particular feature seems to be missing. Skulls and team flags aren’t insta-kill melee attacks, which has some fans pretty upset.

Reddit user Sierra419 aired their grievances in a thread with a pretty direct name: “It infuriates me to no end that skull and flag melee hits are not insta-kill.” Other Infinite players echoed the complaint, while some correctly pointed out that those items have not always been one-hit kills in every Halo game. A member of the 343 Industries dev team jumped in to address the concern, explaining the studio’s thought process behind the decision. In summary, insta-kills tend to be fun for those carrying the object and no one else. It often leads to players running away with the game, making it harder to make any sort of comeback.

This isn’t the only fan complaint out there though: many aren’t happy with the multiplayer’s progression system either. This is because of its close ties to daily and weekly objectives, rather than in-game performance. Community director Brian Jarrard has responded to those complaints and “will share updates” as they happen. There’s a lot of feedback headed Jarrard’s way right now — Halo Infinite had over 150,000 players on Steam just two hours after going live.

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