A pair of adorable mice act as a team in the latest Pokémon Scarlet and Violet leaks

Move over Pikachu, a new cute mouse Pokémon is here.

Image via Nintendo

Leaked images for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet continue coming, with the latest pictures showing off all the brand new Pokémon coming to the game, including a pair of mice Pokémon that count as a single Pokémon. If you still want to go into Scarlet and Violet without being spoiled, we recommend you stop reading.

The leaked image shows the two mice Pokémon in a Terastallized battle. The pair get imbued with the Terastal phenomenon, which increases its powers and covers its body with crystals. The mice Pokémon is named Tandemaus, a play on words with in tandem, which means together, and Maus, the German name for a mouse. Both mice are all white with round bodies and faces.

Another image shows Tandemaus’ dex entry, which reads that the pair work in teamwork and often cut pieces of any material that might be useful for their nest. Leaked information claim that Tandemaus will evolve from a duo into a quartet. Tandemaus represents a couple in love, while its evolved form represents a fully formed family created by the couple.


Other leaked Pokémon include the sushi-inspired Veluza, who may or may not be one of the five Titan Pokémon. Another new Pokémon is Flamigo, which is just a flamingo. Maschiff is an adorable dog Pokémon that is dark-type and is the perfect alternative for Greavard. The leaks also reveal the ancient and future Paradox forms for several major Pokémon. Paradox Pokémon are alternate versions of pre-existing Pokémon that are based on either the ancient past or the far future. The full evolutions for the three starters — SprigatitoFuecoco, and Quaxly — have also been leaked. Until officially stated by The Pokémon Company or Nintendo, it’s best to take all leaks with a healthy dose of skepticism.

UPDATE: Tandemaus evolved form has finally been leaked, revealing the full mouse family.