Armored Mewtwo Comes to Pokemon Go for a Limited Time on July 10

Pokémon GO Help Center

For a limited time, Pokemon Go trainers are going to have the rare opportunity to do battle against an Armored Mewtwo. This legendary Pokemon makes its way to mobile devices on July 10 until the end of the month of the 31.

The Armored Mewtwo Pokemon is going to make its way to Pokemon Go through Raid Battles. Trainers are going to need to team up to do battle against this massive opponent. There’s only a few days away until the raid battles are available, so trainers need to prepare appropriately and coordinate with their teammates to figure out how they’re going to tackle this troublesome opponent.

As of this time, we don’t have any details about what sort stats or weaknesses Armored Mewtwo is going to have.

However, we do know trainers are going to have the chance to capture the legendary Pokemon and add it to their collection. Given that the Pokemon is available for capture, there is a likely chance players can encounter a shiny version. Much like other shiny Pokemon, it’s expected to be purely up to luck for players to capture a shiny variety.

Here’s a video announcing the time frame of the Armored Mewtwo event.

Get prepared to hunt down this incredible raid battle. Armored Mewtwo arrives to Pokemon Go on July 10 and remains in the game until the 31.