Bethesda announces Orion, a streaming technology solution | E3 2019


Before talking about Doom Eternal, Bethesda announced that they had a new solution for companies who will be using Google Stadia, xCloud, or any other game streaming service.

The presenters talked about how companies are focusing on fixing any issues with hardware enhancements rather than working on the game’s code or other solutions with the streaming itself.

Orion is a collection of technology that will focus on optimizing a game’s engine for the service and giving the player the best experience possible. Bethesda claims any game using Orion will perform better than competitors in streaming environments.

This tech will make games faster, more fluid, and provide a better streaming experience across all of the streaming services that have been announced.

Players can take part in the test of Orion they can sign up via the Doom fan club site to play Doom 2016 by streaming it to their compatible mobile devices.