Can You Survive The Beyoncé Assistant Game On Twitter?


Even the most broad-thinking video game writers don’t see everything coming, and the Beyoncé assistant game which is brewing up a storm on Twitter is one of them. Twitter user @CORNYASSBITCH took it upon themselves to create a game, on Twitter, where you try to get through the day without annoying Queen B and losing your job.

The game takes the form of a choose your own adventure game. Players receive a scenario and two choices. Below that will be two tweets that you click on to proceed through the game. You pick the option most appropriate to you. After that, you find out if you made the right choice, and end up facing yet another dilemma, or the wrong choice, and find yourself kicked to the curb and in need of another A-lister to assist.

I get the feeling that Beyoncé in the game is perhaps a bit quicker to fire you than she would be in real life, but every game needs an antagonist, and she makes for a great one. The first time I got fired was for my lack of knowledge when it comes to her daughter’s ages, as I made the mistake of setting up a Face Time with a two-year-old. After that, I got fired for advising her to do her make up in the car, resulting in a little bit (I swear, just a little bit) of vomit that ruined her dress.

Okay, so I don’t know much about Beyoncé or makeup, or what makes people vomit in cars. But I can appreciate the exciting application of a social media function to entice people into playing a game. I feel like you can have a real appreciation for what @CORNYASSBITCH has done here without being all that into Beyoncé, and you are more than likely going to get a deep sense of enjoyment from the experience if you do like her work.

I think one of the reasons that it works so well is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and there are apparent and successful, attempts to lead players into humorous situations. So yeah, I appreciate the work and thought that went into this game and the inventive spin that was used to make it work on Twitter. If you want to play, click the embedded tweet above. And remember, do try not to get fired.