Blizzard Opens Up About Important Diablo 4 Accessibility Features Ahead of Release

Diablo IV will ship with 50 accessibility options for players to use and customize.

Image via Blizzard

Accessibility is an essential aspect of game development, and when a developer takes the time to create and provide options for players who need them, everyone wins. With the Diablo IV launch only weeks away, the developers have lifted the lid on the many accessibility options that will ship with the game, providing players with many opportunities to help them enjoy their demon-bashing adventures however they choose.

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Diablo IV Features Over 50 Individual Accessibility Features

Image via Blizzard

In a blog post released today, developer Blizzard Entertainment details the great efforts they have gone through to make Diablo IV as assessable as possible to players. At launch, Diablo IV will include 50 individual options that players can use to help make their gaming experience more accessible, each providing for different needs.

Some of the highlighted additions in the blog post include button remapping, with every input able to be reassigned to different keys or buttons to complement the player’s preferences or capabilities. Additionally, players can toggle skill activation between press and hold and turn on a Persist Target Lock features, which will aid in keeping their attacks and skills focused on an enemy.

There will be multiple sensory aids for players to customize and use, such as subtitles with various options for size, scale, color, and opacity, text to speech, font and cursor resizing, audio cues, and highlighting for players and items, all of which can be toggled and tweaked to a players preferences.

Blizzard has also encouraged players to provide feedback on these accessibility features and offer suggestions or ideas to help refine and expand these features and make Diablo IV accessible to as many players as possible.

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Any attempt to make gaming more accessible should be praised, and Diablo IV Accessibility effort by Blizzard Entertainment is another example of why that’s the case. This will significantly help some players, and the more people who can enjoy Diablo IV comfortably, the better.