Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut rated for Nintendo Switch by PEGI

The hybrid console could soon hold the latest Borderlands title and its newest expansion pack.


Image via 2K

Borderlands fans on Nintendo Switch may not be missing out on the third installment after all. With the long-awaited Director’s Cut DLC now arriving on consoles, it appears PEGI may have let out that Borderlands 3 and this new content could be headed to the hybrid console.

As it does with almost all DLC, PEGI has rated Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut just hours before it launched on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. However, the organization has also briefly noted on its site that the expansion will be releasing for Switch. Of course, developer Gearbox has yet to confirm this apparent leak, but the listing certainly implies that the full game may soon follow its predecessors in coming to the handheld.

This wouldn’t be the first time the European rating board dispelled a Borderlands Switch port before an official announcement. In January, PEGI accidentally revealed the Switch version of Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands ahead of time — which then landed on the system a month later.

As for the DLC, Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut is now available to all Season Pass 2 on console and PC. The expansion debuts a new raid boss in the form of Hemovorous the Invincible, Ava’s Murder Mysteries campaign, and several new weapons and gear.