Bungie warns that hasty Guardians can accidentally skip the Defiant Battleground: EDZ cinematic

Don’t be so hasty.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bungie has shared it’s investigating an issue concerning the end-mission cinematic for the last mission in Defiant Battleground: EDZ for Destiny 2. Players have been reporting they’ve been unintentionally skipping the end-mission cinematic. To avoid the skip, Bungie suggests letting the mission end and having the commendations timer reach zero. The company also claims that players should not return to orbit or launch another activity until the cinematic eventually plays.

Bungie further elaborates that if a player does skip the ending cutscene, they can still view it by finishing the Defiant Battleground: EDZ and finding the cinematic in the Playlist in HELM. Unintentionally skipping a cutscene you haven’t seen before is one of gamers’ worse nightmares, so having the game unintentionally skip it for you can be nerve-racking. What’s worse, the Defiant Battleground glitch is making players miss the final cinematic of the event, so after all that hard work completing the activity, players may not even see how the story ends. Hopefully, Bungie will patch in a permanent solution so players won’t be concerned about missing out.

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Defiant Battleground: EDZ is the first seasonal activity players can participate in as part of the Destiny 2 Season of Defiance. The main narrative of the Defiant Battleground revolves around the player facing off against the forces of darkness and rescuing helpless prisoners from the Ascendant Plane, a lethal fortress filled with deadly enemies and crazy structures.

Bungie recently launched the Lighfall expansion, which has been well-received for its environment and mod customization but criticized for its lackluster story. Fans have already predicted that The Root of Nightmares raid for Lightfall will feature the returning Nesarec as the final boss. Bungie has heard the criticism leveled at recent additions to Destiny 2 and has decided to unlock all Strand fragments ahead of schedule.