It Looks like Call of Duty: Mobile’s SMRS Is Getting Nerfed

Call of Duty Mobile

One of Call of Duty: Mobile’s more impactful weapons is going to get nerfed. The SMRS has been a pretty constant tool for players at higher ranks for several reasons. The launcher is exceptionally reliable against enemy killstreaks and can take out an airborne threat like UAV in just one shot. The feature makes it a fantastic tool to maintain map control and shut down UAVs that would be feeding positional information to the other team.

3 Changes for the SMRS in the Beta Server from r/CallOfDutyMobile

It is also fantastic for shutting down an enemy push, thanks to its ability to one-shot enemies, and the vast area of effect damage can take out multiple targets. According to Youtuber MilkTeaV-TV, the SMRS on the beta server is a very different weapon to the one that is currently live.

First, the speed at which you can move while carrying the weapon has been reduced. The change in pace will impact how quickly you can make it in and out of cover while trying to take out those enemy UAVs. The size of the explosion caused by the weapon has also been nerfed. This cuts down how forgiving the weapon is when used against enemy infantry.

Finally, the weapon will no longer one-shot enemy UAVs; you will need to land a shot from the SMRS, then switch to your primary to do some extra damage to take it out.

As far as nerfs go, these all add up to be quite substantial, and will undoubtedly impact how useful the SMRS is for players. It should shake up how games play out a lot and push more people towards the FHJ-18 instead. The FHJ-18 will still be able to one-shot enemy killstreaks, but the need to lock on is seen as a risk, as you will be exposed to enemy fire if you position poorly for too long.

It remains to be seen if the current changes that are live in the beta will make it through to the live servers.