Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s community has become divided over the fact its slowly turning into its predecessor

The next update seemingly caters to fans of the original battle royale.

Image via Activision

Wednesday evening, a community blog post from developer Infinity Ward dove deep into details explaining the various changes coming to Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 in Season 2. It revealed that not only was the 2v2 Gulag format being completely removed but a wide selection of features that debuted in the sequel would also follow suit. Although the developer has stated these adjustments are being made due to feedback, many now cannot help but notice the title will soon feel much like the original Warzone, ultimately leading players to become split on the matter.

In the recent blog post, Infinity Ward made striking declarations, noting that features such as different-sized backpacks and vests, the 2v2 Gulag format, and its current looting mechanics will disappear when the upcoming season launches. In their place, gunners will witness numerous returning elements from its predecessor. This includes a standard 1v1 Gulag without the heavily-armored Jailor NPC, loot from bodies and boxes shooting out onto the floor, and cheaper loadouts.

Since the announcement, droves of fans have taken to social media to compare its changes to the original title, and discussions have been anything but bipartisan. Some reasoned that the alterations are needed, as Redditor kervinv10 claimed, “Literally what everyone wanted. Who asked for a new game, we asked for a new map.” On the opposite end, users like AMcNamara23 argued: “I don’t get why these players [are] moaning about not having WZ1, just go play WZ1. It’s not like it isn’t available to play!” Meanwhile, some have become confused about why Warzone 2.0 was created in the first place, as Reddit user Deranged1337 exclaimed, “At this point, they should have just made Al Mazrah for Warzone 1,” a comment which has now earned more than 300 upvotes on the platform.

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The uproar of differing opinions will surely make the season’s debut interesting, to say the least, and there is no word yet if any of the removed features will return at a later date. Although, it is confirmed that the classic 40-player Resurgence game mode will also make its first appearance in Warzone 2.0. Along with the news of the season’s delay, Call of Duty’s official Twitter disclosed the mode is going to be accompanied by a brand new small map once Season 2 releases.