Capcom’s Project Battle Has Released, And Is Officially Known As Teppen

It seems that the game Capcom revealed under a working title of Project Battle has been released, and is now to be called Teppen. The game is available on Android and iOS and has been developed by GungHo Online Entertainment, in conjunction with Capcom.

Teppen (Trailer Oficial)

Uploaded by Dissection Jogando on 2019-07-04.

Teppen, which was only first shown off last week by select Streamers and Youtubers who received a purpose-built emulator to run it, draws characters from Capcom’s wide range of games and brings them all together in a card game. Much like Blizzard’s powerhouse Hearthstone, you will collect cards with characters from games like Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, and Monster Hunter. You can then use the cards to build decks, and a singular character will act as the deck’s avatar.

The cards all share a similar art style, bringing a real sense of cohesion to everything, and it is sure to appeal to Capcom fans. Battles take place in real-time, with abilities known as Hero Arts traveling across the screen, which can then get blocked by placing your adjacent cards in their path. If you can’t prevent a card, then your Avatar takes the damage. Being able to place cards is dictated by an energy bar, so you can’t spam cards. Cards also have their health, allowing them to absorb multiple attacks if used correctly.

I am unsure of the exact release times in different regions, Capcom has been pretty quiet about how all this is playing out, and it feels almost like a soft launch for the game. Make sure to check the relevant app store to see if the game is available yet for your device. I will be getting stuck in as soon as it is available here, so expect all kinds of content about the game coming to the site over the coming weeks.