Complete Guide to the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Leaks

Call of Duty: Mobile

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3, and although no official announcements have been made, there are plenty of leaks to keep you going.

Because the Test Server for Season 3 is up already, some beta testers have been sharing their findings online with other fans, which is only growing the hype for the official start of the season. With new maps, game modes, weapons, and Scorestreaks, it looks like the developers have gone all-out for this update. The full leaked patch notes are below.

Alongside new features and adjustments, there are a number of new weapons making their way to the game at the start of Season 3. Viiper on Youtube, a test player, has found nine weapons that players can try and get their hands on during special events.

1. ICR (Assault Rifle)

ICR (Assault Rifle)

2. Razorback (SMG)

Razorback (SMG)

3. Pharo (SMG)

Pharo (SMG)

4. Man-O-War (Assault Rifle)

Man-O-War (Assault Rifle)

5. KRM 262 (Shotgun)

KRM 262 (Shotgun) 

6. Dredge (LMG)

Dredge (LMG) 

7. ICR with Grenade Launcher (Assault Rifle)

ICR with Grenade Launcher (Assault Rifle)

8. Locus (Sniper Rifle)

Locus (Sniper Rifle)

9. 870 MCS (Shotgun)

870 MCS (Shotgun)

Another brand-new weapon that has leaked is H.I.V.E., which comes with the new operator skill of the same name (as mentioned in point 1.3.1 of the patch notes). Players will be able to use the H.I.V.E gun to “launch a trap of proximity mines. When triggered, the mines will release a swarm of nano drones that kill nearby enemies.”


If you’re the type that likes to customize your gear, you won’t be disappointed by the upcoming Season. Not only are new weapon skins being released, but there a few fresh designs for grenades and vehicles too.

A whole range of new character skins have been leaked, from a stylish Valentine skin for Erin “Battery” Baker, to various new camouflage skins for several characters.

Two more skins will also be available to players as Battle Pass Rewards during Season 3: the Phantom, and FTL1.


The Phantom skin


The FTL1 skin

Viiper has also revealed some early Gameplay for a new Battle Royale Class – Trap Master. This is the class that was mentioned in point 2.3.1 of the patch notes.

Although these are all just leaks, players don’t have long to wait to see if they’re official, as Season 3 is estimated to start in almost two weeks time, around Jan 20.

Leaked Patch Notes

1.1 Gameplay

1.1.1 New Mode: UltraFire – Lower cooldown of Operator Skill, earn more points for Scorestreaks. Plus unlimited ammunition!

1.1.2 New Maps: Cage and Scrapyard.

1.1.3 Improvements and Adjustments Both Takeoff and Raid return, all maps are available for download. Improved map details, plus increased fall damage.

1.2 Controls

1.2.1 Three new sensitivity modes that can be adjusted in the settings:

A. Change sensitivity of gun during the scoping process: the sensitivity can slowly change when you open the scope.

B. Change sensitivity while switching weapons: change sensitivity instantly by raising the scope.

C. Change sensitivity of gun after raising the scope, before firing. BY15, M1887 and other shotguns can now only fire when the fire button is held down and released, similar to sniper rifles.

1.3 [New]

1.3.1 New Operator Skill: H.I.V.E. – a new weapon that can stun, trap, and slow down opponents by burying traps. New Scorestreak: XS1 Goliath – 900 points required to activate, and can sweep the battlefield

1.3.2 Weapon Balance Ammo spread of the shotgun is smaller when using ADS. Added an instant ADS fire function. Reduced the movement speed and lethal range of SMRS and the lethal range. Also reduced the damage while firing at Scorestreaks. Slightly reduced the recoil stability of the foregrip attachment of the Type 25. Slightly reduced the recoil stability of AK117 while using rapid fire. Reduced the size of the magazine of the MSMC from 30 to 25

2. Battle Royale

2.1 The Game Mode

New Mode: 20 VS 20 – A kind-of TDM inside a Battle Royale setting. Players will respawn after dying while maintaining all items.

2.2 Vehicles

A New Vehicle: Motorcycle – two-person, high speed and agile.

2.3 A New Class

2.3.1 New Battle Royale Class: Trapmaster – Trapper: a powerful tactical chip for defence and ambush.

Patch notes credit to ParkerTheSlayer.

Battle Pass Rewards credit to Viiper Gaming.